One of the basic requirements for a satisfactory and high quality life is a functional body is! However, our body cannot function without movement, which is slowly disappearing from our lives and causing many health complications. POHYB PRO ZIVOT is a response to current life style and conditions. The offered activities are suitable for both men and women who want to have life in their hands - regardless of age, physical status or interests.

For functional body - now and later!

POHYB PRO ZIVOT covers three areas of activities! The most actual is the concept PERMANENTO!!!

Autumn program is ready! We are staring on 1. October 2018 by the basic workshop PERMANENTO for new applicants. The first "restarting" opportunity will be on 25. September 2018.

What have led me to launch this initiative? I have gone through many forms of movement during my life - from top sport performance, through my education and subsequent research of physical activity, which I still engage in, to let´s say, sport to maintain physical and mental health. The gained experience led me to a slightly different view on the movement, which I now perceive in a much wider context and as an absolute necessity for a satisfactory and balanced life and course of ageing. There are no exceptions, and despite my weakness for science, movement is the most natural thing and should be perceives in that sense. It is crucial to compensate the lack of physical activity and in many ways destructive demands of current life style and consciously take care of our body.