The initiative POHYB PRO ŽIVOT is designed as a response to our fast-paced modern society. One of the basic requirements for a happy and quality life is a fully functional body! Our bodies need regular exercise to function well, however movement in the most general term is slowly dissapearing from our lives. Most of us exercise too little, irregularly or the movements are unilateral. Plus, we spend hours and hours each day sitting down. Health complications, sports injuries and inability to do our favorite day-to-day activities are just a few of the most common consequences. The solution is quite simple, but it requires an active approach!

If you want your body to function well, you simply must look after it. It is no longer an option due to current way of life.

The main objective of this new initiative is to inspire and motivate individuals to exercise on daily basis. POHYB PRO ŽIVOT offers offers effective solution for women and men regardless of age, fitness level or their interests - "10-minutes" functional routines. The initiative covers three areas of activity:

A few more words about PERMANENTO 

PERMANENTO is all about accepting responsibility for your own body. It combines an individual exercise with a team workout. The whole concept is a sophisticated system of workshops, "renewal" classes and videos. It is designed to help you integrate a functional exercise routine in your everyday life and make it a favorite part of your day. You will not need to change your life up side down. 10 minutes can surely find everyone. And soon, you will realize that you have more energy and time for the activities of your choice.
You will strengthen the deep stabilization system, activate optimal engagement of the most important muscles and much more! You will experience changes in all areas of your life

Would you like to try PERMANENTO right away? Start with our Christmas routine - it is a little bit difficult, but a very effective one. Join one of our workshops to find out the meaning behind every movement and how it affects your body and mind.