Articles about movement and its more or less obvious consequences for magazine published regularly in printed form! Topics are always related to running, but are relevant for anyone.

Lectures about movement and its more or less obvious consequences for the seniors of Prague 4 (organized by MČ Praha 4 ) and Prague 7 (organized by Kulturně komunitní centrum of Asociace občanských poraden). In the first year of cooperation, the topics were focused on the importance of movement for older adults. In the second year, I followed up with topics focusing on the importance of the environment and how to use it to increase physical activity. The participants learned why is the movement so important in later life, what are the concrete effects, and how it all relates to the quality of life in old age. In addition, I introduced some tips on how to use the environment to move more and to contribute to better health, functional status and, consequently, enjoyment of life.

My lectures are always spiced by actual movements. These are the words of Libuska (the physiotherapists) immediately after one of the lectures: "I feel amazingly easy, pleasantly relaxed, walking gracefully - slightly with the contra-rotation. Two years ago, I was unable to take a step without pain!"

Topics can be tailored to meet various requirements! I can also prepare lectures for professionals. Participation in conferences on this matter is without questions!