PERMANENTO is an universal method to compensate the lack of everyday physical activity, excessive sitting, or unilateral sports load, which has very negative impact on our body and, consequently, on physical and mental health. In essence, PERMANENTO is a responsible approach to own body and health!

The goal is to educate you how to work with your own body thus it can function well and you can live a life according to your own wishes. The moves you acquire will return your body to its natural excellence and you will be able to utilize its true potential! You will know not only how, but also why. Soon you will feel the changes in all areas of your life, at both the body as well as the soul level.

It is a motion but it is not JUST a motion,

it is about body but it is not JUST about a body,

It is for everyone but not for all.

Suitable for those who want an effective and most importantly permanent way of maintaining own body in optimal shape and are serious about it. A certain degree of autonomy is essential. Who can benefit from PERMANENTO?

- anyone who want to improve performance and ensure active lifestyle for as long as possible,

- anyone who is not physically active on regular basis but want to stay fit for occasional sport activities,

- anyone who does not like sport but want to be fit enough to do other leisure activities of own choice.

PERMANENTO is based on movements that are inspired by the principles of developmental kinesiology, thus by the toddlers´ moves and contemporary approaches by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert from the Original Strength Institute or by the leading physiotherapist Pavel Kolar. The whole exercise concept is a reaction to my long-time sport and science experiences. Basically, it is a preventive application of selected rehabilitation approaches or movement.


Exercise targets on activation of reflexive movement patterns that enabled us to walk. Activation of these patterns can help our body to return to its own original state and gradually abandon secondary patterns that unnecessarily burden our body and may cause pain or excessive fatigue.


You will naturally strengthen the core and all the muscles with a tendency to weaken and stretch all the muscles with a tendency to shorten. You will improve overall mobility and stability and consequently optimize your posture and create a solid foundation for all other movements - functional or athletic!

Everything you will learn can be used throughout whole life with respect to changing needs and conditions. You will be fully independent. At the same time, however, you will always have an opportunity to work out together or to further improve in the system of ever-developing workshops.

Actual offer:

The foundation of the concept is a system of ever-developing workshops, accompanying videos and "restarting" lessons that will provide you with the necessary support, motivation and inspiration for your own development and initiative.

Basic Workshop: In three hours of the workshop, you will learn a few basic, but very effective, movements. You will understand why they are so important, how they work and what they are influencing in your body. Also you will learn how to modify individual movements to suit your fitness level, preferences, and requirements. You will get an access to videos that will help you with exercising at home if needed. You will choose whether to perform individual movements throughout your day or in short sets (about 10 minutes) that can be used to start or end your day. You will gain a complete set of information about fundamental care of own body so it can support you on a way to pursue life you want to have - from now until the end.

Conditioning workshop: This workshop builds on the basic one. Over the next three hours you will learn more challenging versions of the movement and learn other less obvious consequences of physical activity. You will learn how to combine individual movements according to your actual mood and situation so it is always pleasant and effective. You will be able to add them into daily routines - as a set or as isolated movements. This type of exercise can also be an excellent strengthening exercise with the transfer to every sport! You will learn how to build and maintain a solid foundation for your favorite activities so you will be able to perform better and for as long as possible! Your strengths will be enhanced by more effective neuro-muscular coordination and better quality contractions. You will get an access to another set of videos that you can use for inspiration and workouts at home.

Workshop under the wings of Andelin: This is a basic workshop for mothers with small children. Moms will learn everything they need to know to take good care of own body (see above) while their children will create under the guidance of the Angels. Then we all will exercise together. In fact, children are, in a way, movement professionals and we all can only benefit. Why not to learn how to take an advantage of this truly unique opportunity that each mother has right in front of her nose for several years!

"Restarting" classes: These classes are designed for all workshops participants who want to meet with others, get the inspiration of motivation and, of course, to work out together under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Lessons are also an opportunity for any type of question or to fix performance. Classes can be attended irregularly. If you exercise regularly at home, you will be able to catch up the pace. However, if this is not the case, then regular attendance is recommended.

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"Three minutes in the grass can help you to start or to end your day according to your preferences! Just let yourself lie down on the grass, inhale several times deep into your belly, look around if anyone is looking and if so invite him or her to join you!"

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